by Three Easy Secrets

Kirk Salopek - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Ryan Meals - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Piano, Organ

Brandon Paluzzi - Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Analog Synthesizers

John Schisler - Lead Vocals (tracks 1-3)

Brett Staggs - Lead Vocals (track 4)

Dessa Poljak - Lead Vocals (track 5), Backing Vocals (track 3)

Lee Hintenlang - Saxophone (track 3)

Rick Nelson - Strings (track 5)

Engineered by Steve Ventura at Rhythm House Studios (Charleroi, PA)
Additional engineering by Kirk Salopek and Ryan Meals
Mixed by Dave Hidek at the Church Recording Studio- (Pittsburgh, PA)
All songs mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios (Pittsburgh, PA)
Additional tracking occurred at Marigny Studios (New Orleans, LA)

Three Easy Secrets is a studio project collaboration featuring Silencio guitarist/bandleader Kirk Salopek along with Ryan Meals & Brandon Paluzzi. The 3 had worked together in the past from membership in both of the groups Mandrake Project & Silencio. More guests from that circle were brought in on vocal duties including John Schisler (Mandrake Project, New Invisible Joy) Dessa Poljak (Silencio) and newcomer Brett Staggs (Long Time Darlings). All of the music was written and recorded by the core trio of Salopek, Meals & Paluzzi except for guest appearances by Rick Nelson (Afghan Whigs, Mandrake Project) on strings and Lee Hintenlang (Silencio) on sax.

The idea for Three Easy Secrets began in the Spring of 2017. The initial plan was to write a small collection of collaborative pieces to be performed and tracked live in the studio. Busy schedules scattered progress and made for sporadic session work to occur for almost 2 years after initial tracking began. Finally in early 2019 the group wrapped 5 songs which would become the Tarnish EP.

What was once intended to be a quick, on-the-fly process took shape into a long-winded studio excursion. Sparse skeletal sessions inadvertently turned into multi-layered, orchestrated compositions. The original idea of a 3-piece band tracking live in a single room was not lost though. All of the original scratch tracks remain intact in each song, and a close listen will reveal the microphone bleed from the original live takes.

The sound offers nods to Alt-Rock luminaries like Elbow and Radiohead, but because the collection features 3 different lead vocalists it's not a stretch saying that the vocal pop sensibility touches on as much Bowie as Mark Lanegan... with Lana Del Rey popping in for a visit. There's a lot to hear in 5 songs and repeated listens are suggested to reveal the Three Easy Secrets.