I've been super into the Shuitar ever since I saw the Wood Brothers cover Michael Jackon's "PYT" on an episode of the Onion's AV Club Undercover.  

It's basically a cheap guitar that is specially made to be used as a percussion instrument. There are jingles added, foam muffling inside the body, a special bridge, and a few other modifications to make it similar to a guitar-shaped cajon.

So, I took that Shuitar, added a Boss RC-202 Loop Station, a Shure Beta 98AD/C mic , and an LP Finger Shot Shaker and proceeded to mess around with some effects / loops.



Messing around with my #Shuitar and my @bossfx_us RC-202 Loop Station

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The "Atmo Kit"

Was trying out something new for a new project -- wanted to try to see how far away from a "traditional" drumset I could go while still keeping the general "layout" -- I didn't want it to become a multiple percussion setup.

This was one of my early versions - a 26" Gretsch kick with no muffling, a heavily muffled 16" Gretsch floor tom on the right side, an unmuffled 18" Gretsch floor tom on the left, a Morfbeats Marvin and Rhythm Tech Reco-Reco as the "snare", an LP Shekere + Rhythm Tech Hat Trick Tambourine as hi hats, and a 19" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry crash.

Really enjoyed playing this setup! I've got some more clips on my Instagram, but this is probably my favorite.

First attempt. Sloppy. But think there might be something to this rig.

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Index Cajon snare!

Got an Index Flapjack Cajon Snare earlier this week. This might be my all-time favorite acoustic / singer-songwriter kit! Two cases in the door, and it sounds killer! 

Index Drums Flapjack Cajon Snare, on a DW ultralight snare stand (came as part of this kit). Gretsch 16"x16" floor tom, with an Evans Black Hydraulic top head, and an Evans tom-rim EMAD bottom head. DW Sidekick cocktail pedal, DW Dogbone cymbal arm (mounted off floor tom leg) with 19" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry crash, and 2 LP one-shot finger shakers on my left foot. I'm using my new favorite implements, the Innovative Percussion "Phat Broomz". Love them!